Data Workgroup
    This workgroup helps members understand the importance of their organization’s medicaid data and is shaping the evolving efforts to develop a data platform specifically for New York Alliance members. The system, currently in development will create a benchmarking capacity based on Medicaid claims and other data sources to profile the experience of delivering services and help New York Alliance members learn from one another.
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    Fiscal Intermediary / Self-Direction Provider Network
    Bi-monthly conference calls of this network of people and agencies providing self-direction and fiscal intermediary services allows for the promotion of information exchange including questions and concerns and sharing resources.
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    Rates / Financing Workgroup
    This workgroup provides a forum to discuss issues related to rates and reimbursement. Members highlight the fiscal challenges and opportunities providers face in a constantly changing era. Recent focus has been how rate rationalization and managed care have impacted and will continue to impact rate structures. The workgroup helps shape the policy positions New York Alliance advances with policy makers in this area.
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