Risk Advisory Committee

    Welcome to the Risk Advisory Committee (RAC) Website

    What is the New York Alliance Risk Advisory Committee (RAC):

     “Risk management” is a process to help nonprofit organizations like yours deal with uncertainty. It is a structured process for controlling loss potential as well as assessing opportunities. Through the risk management process, an organization reviews its susceptibility to unexpected losses, and then develops strategies either to prevent losses from happening, or to reduce damage and expense when they do.

    Risk management may not sound like the most exciting or inspiring part of a nonprofit organization’s work, but it is as crucial as any other task a nonprofit undertakes. Good risk management ensures that your nonprofit will have enough assets to carry out its Mission. It also ensures that the nonprofit’s actions will not harm the client population it is trying to support, the general public, or the organization’s employees and volunteers.

    In 2017, the RAC was established as a way to support member organizations to access resources that would help  control losses and reportablie incidents while improving qulaity outcomes, by mitigating specific risk concerns. The RAC is comprised of New York Alliance members interested in working on risk management resources that will benefit all of the New York Alliance members.

    JOIN THE RAC: Anyone interested in working with other individuals on a committee to identify and advise the New York Alliance membership on risk topic areas and provide resources to improve risk performance is welcome to join this group. Committee membership can be obtained by contacting Desiree Loucks Baer at dloucksbaer@nyalliance.org.

    For all others, this site is to serve as a resource of information to help your organization minimize risk through education, training and organizational planning.

    Risk is found within your organization in either one or all of the following sectors: REGULATORY, OPERATIONAL or OPPORTUNITY.  Risk is the potential for financial and/or personal  loss. A new systemic challenge will be in minimizing risk for those you support in regards to IDM/CHOICE. We hope this RAC website will help your organization better manage potential risk.