Assistive Technology Committee
    The purpose of this committee is to research and report on ways to promote technology that will enhance the delivery of services to people with disabilities and help the agencies that serve them. In this committee, members share innovative ways in which technology is being used in organizations across the state.
    Contact Carol Napierski

    Education & Training Committee
    Subject matter experts come together to develop curriculum and provide input on training opportunities for New York Alliance members. The committee ensures each training offered provides high quality, valuable information in a timely manner.
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    Forensic Committee
    Members of this committee focus on identifying technical assistance, education and support opportunities as our agencies work with people with forensic and complex histories.
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    Individualized Supports and Housing Committee
    The focus of this committee is to review and discuss trends, opportunities and challenges in providing individualized supports and services in all areas that impact a person’s life. This committee serves as a resource to the New York Alliance and state agencies on proposed regulations and challenges to supporting people in the most individualized ways.
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    Policy Committee
    Playing a key role in setting the policy positions, members of this committee assist the association to advance public policy. Meeting regularly throughout the year, it serves as a forum for addressing policy matters and formulating the New York Alliance’s legislative and budgetary priorities and comments on regulations.
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    Quality Committee
    This committee discusses and provides feedback on proposed and current regulations, shares information in the areas of the quality assurance, Justice Center investigations, Incident Review and Management, Bureau of Certification inspections and expectations, corporate compliance and individual organizational policies and procedures.
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    Risk Advisory Committee
    In partnership with Rose & Kiernan, Inc., this committee identifies areas of risk and safety that impact agencies, such as workplace violence, personal auto use, and emergency protocols. The committee then serves as a resource for information sharing and identification of solutions, including technical assistance for the field.
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    Workforce Committee
    Members of this committee review and discuss trends and issues related to recruitment, retention, and development of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), clinicians and other staff that work to support people with disabilities. This committee actively guides discussion on DSP credentialing, State and federal policy changes that impact member organizations and their workforce, and provides information and education on the critical role of DSPs in supporting individuals with disabilities.
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